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Compound Aircraft mobilizes the masses

A heartfelt thank you to our backers, who contributed 12,328 € for the development of our Compound Aircraft!

We raised 123 % of our funding goal and continue working on our subscale prototype to demonstrate its full potential.

Stay tuned and contact us through our campaign page on Kickstarter!


Our corporate partners

Our supporters

Alexander Clare, Andrew Milmoe, Anna Wójcik, Anne Fiedler, Benjamin Franz, Benoit Letourneur, Bernfred Mueller, Comet Drop, Elias Awad, Federico Bossi, ​Gefferson Cleuber, Genussesser, Gozbert, Guido Voigt, Han, HeiMat, Ira Ronzenheimer, Joerg Fricke, Katharina, Konrad, ​Leon Diab, Marcelo Dolabella, Maria Schmidt, Mark Frederiksen, Markus Strauss, Martin Cracau, Martin Friese, Martin Knobbe, Michel Wedekind, Moellus, Nastassia Schubarth, Nicolás Fuenzalida, Niko, Patrick Köthe, Philipp Schmidt, Richard Denning, Robo Durden, Ronny Keil, Santacruz Banacloche, Siva Shiv Rajendran, Sergio Pacheco, Suse, T Dominic, The Creative Fund, Tino Schulz, Tobias Arens, Ursula Schmidt, Vivian Brüser, Xiongjun Wang, Yoshikazu Yokotani ​& 5 unnamed backers.

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