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Flight Control Laws allow the automatic control and guidance of an aircraft. At AlphaLink, we offer the complete flight control law process including requirement definitions (SAE AS94900), selection of the control law structure (including protections, filters and observer), the computation of the control gains for the complete envelope, and validation with non-linear simulations and Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) simulations.


The designed automatic flight control laws cover the complete flight envelope consisting of take-off run, rotation, climb, cruise, turns, descent, approach, go-around (if required), flare, and roll-out. Flight envelope protections prevent stall, high load factors, bank angle, and over speed. In addition to automatic flight control laws, we offer the design of manual flight control to provide good handling qualities.

Tell us more about your aerial system and we check how we can support you.

Science and art of flight control.

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