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Now, it's your turn.

The AlphaLink DevCard® is our newest landmark in the field of STM development boards. At the size of a credit card, you find the STM32F103 with everything you need: USB connectors, CAN connectors, user LED + button, SD card reader, and a lot more.

STAY TUNED: With our plug-in cards you can even go further: build your own hardware simulator or add WLAN for remote access. Everything you want - always in hand.

With the STM32F103, you can use most third-party tutorials as they build upon this microcontroller. As a development board, the DevCard® has also an edge over other development boards. Find a full list of the components and features here: 

  • STM32F103 Microcontroller 

  • Micro SD card slot

  • 1x USB-C connector for USART 

  • 1x USB-C connector for USB 2.0 Full-Speed (FS) device controller

  • 22x GPIO pins

  • 1x CAN transceiver with CAN high, CAN low and ground connectors

  • 1x external connector for 3.3 V

  • 1x external connector for 5 V

  • 1x pin connector for debugger (SWCLK, SWDIO, ground, 3.3 V)

  • 1x pin connector for USART (3.3 V, RX, TX, ground)

  • 1x pin connector for I2C (SCL, SDA, ground, 3.3 V)

  • 1x free button on the board

  • 1x reset button

  • 1x LED on the board

  • Programmable via USB-C connector and JTAG


The PRO is now available!

- stronger performance (STM32F446 Microcontroller)
- additional IC2
- additional programmable LED
- now with STLink and 4 jumper wires!


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