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We make systems
that move you.

Your partner for systems engineering.

AlphaLink Flying Lab


Test your flight controllers in real flights. For drone developing and hands-on teaching in universities.

Virtual Test Environment

Lesson 12.PNG
Lesson 12.PNG

The digital twin in your web browser. Become a control professional with our real-time simulations and e-learning.

AlphaLink has designed products and services based on year-long experience and closely working with clients from multiple industries. Learn about our engineering portfolio and get to know our next-generation embedded systems.

Systems Engineering


We develop embedded systems for
smart vehicles in the air and on the ground. How can we serve you?

AlphaLink DevCard®


The world's most thoughtful STM development board - at the size of a credit card. Are you ready to start?


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”


We participated in the German Aerospace Center's HAP-alpha project with a study on concept and design for a payload component. After selection of one of our proposed solutions, we completed the construction in-house and performed a sensitivity analysis. Also, a control concept was proposed, tested, and finally implemented.

International Network

With strong partners around the globe, we help you achieve your goals.

Problem Solvers

Our passion are the most difficult challenges. Creativity and expertise are our tools.


Sustainable Solutions

We love Tech AND People. This is why we design solutions according to your needs.

Precision & Safety

We work with academic accuracy and carefulness to deliver highest-quality results.

Component Portfolio Partners

We recommend the best equipment for your drones. Tested and approved by AlphaLink.

Deep Tech

It's not AI and it's not magic. Our secrets are years of research and practical experience.

We are working with great partners.


contact us.

We are always eager to learn about new projects and challenges in the mobility sector. The future starts now!

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