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Teaching applied flight mechanics and flight control with success!

To our next client, a German university, we will deliver a full set of 8 Flying Labs, including 1 HiL simulator add-on. The systems will be used in teaching and research and guarantee a hands-on experience in flight control design and implementation for students and academic staff.

The field of control engineering has never been more significant and exciting than it is today. However, the available framework and support in teaching this vital field of engineering to students and novice professional lacks proper tools that are typically required to grasp the fundamentals of good control engineering.

The AlphaLink Unmanned Aircraft Experimental System (UAXS) offers the full learning effect for a fraction of the current effort and time. The solution provides a way around tedious hours of coding and converting data from MATLAB/Simulink into code suitable for flight test: the UAXS is already equipped with all necessary software components. It is ready for your flight controller to be directly implemented from your computer using MATLAB/Simulink.

The basic UAXS set includes an airborne system designed to bring theory into practice. Our safe, consistent, and accurately modeled systems lay the foundations for developing state-of-the-art aerospace control systems. With our increasing offer of add-ons, the system becomes even more attractive to advanced users. Our Virtual Flight Test Environment (VFTE) is a unique approach to collect data and feedback regarding your flight controller even before having to risk an outdoor flight test.

For more information on the complete UAXS set and available add-ons, please call us or send a short email to:

We are happy to present you a demo!

Note that our educational users are eligible for a special discount.

Basic Set contains:

  • ZOHD Nano Talon EVO PNP,

  • Battery,

  • Pixhawk 4 Mini Flight Control Computer,

  • Airspeed Sensor,

  • Pitot Tube,

  • GPS,

  • Telemetry Set,

  • PX4 Flight Stack (preconfigured),

  • Brushless Motor,

  • Servo Motor (3x),

  • Motor Controller,

  • MATLAB/Simulink Model,

  • Instruction and Simulink Guidelines with four State-Space Models (Climb, Descent, Cruise Flight with two Cruise Speeds).


  • FrSky Taranis Q X7 Remote Control & 16-Channel Receiver

  • Benewake TFMini Micro LiDAR 12m Sensor

  • Access to Virtual Flight Test Environment

  • HiL-Simulator (Hardware-in-the-Loop)

  • Ground Station with Autopilot Control Unit (Coming soon)


Which are the applications, where the Flying Lab can be used?

The Flying Lab provides a time-efficient and intuitive way of conducting practial tests in the field of (flight) control engineering. This can be applied to teaching students at institutions of higher education, but also to assist scientists in their work and help drone enthusiasts implement their own flight controllers.

What makes the Flying Lab stand out?

Our goal is to supply you with the means to use the Flying Lab for the widest variety of possible applications. It reduces the time and effort needed to progress from theory to practial experience immensely. Thus, you can spend more time on the really important things like training the engineers of tomorrow or conducting research!

What pieces of hardware and software are included?

The basic set contains a full-fledged drone system (Nano Talon EVO PNP with battery and Pixhawk 4 flight control computer, GPS, telemetry set and more; please take a look at the UAXS flyer further up the page) as well as the Software package consisting of the pre-configured PX4 Flight Stack, MATLAB/Simulink with four state-space models and Simulink guidelines to make your experience as seamless and easy as possible.

Which advantages do the add-ons offer?

The remote control add-on provides you with the equipment to immediately go into flight testing without further configuration. With the LiDAR add-on, you add the capability of altitude measurement to enable e.g. autoland functions with your flight controller. The access to our AlphaLink Virtual Flight Test Environment (VFTE) allows to test the flight controller and aircraft behaviour in virtual flight tests before even risking a real-world flight. Get your access to the otherwise paid options available at

For the future, we work on additional extensions like the ground station to offer the full range of testing capabilities while maintaining the high level of comfortability and reliability.

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