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Modeling of Systems

AlphaLink can describe models of various natures using basic physical equations. It does not matter whether the system is a single rigid body (such as an aircraft or ship), a multi-body system (such as an automobile or a wind energy plant) or a flexible system.

Besides kinematic modeling, the modeling of aerodynamic forces is one of our strengths. We also handle the modeling of electric power trains, as they are required for unmanned aircraft. Since modeling is not an end-in-itself, we analyze the system and identify potential for improvement.

We perform flight performance calculations for aircraft to evaluate the advantages of your unmanned system in terms of endurance and range. Our models can be calculated in fast time or real time. With our web-based visualization, you have the possibility to see your technical system in action before production. To give you a more detailed insight into your system, we take over the modeling of your existing or planned project.

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