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Hardware in the Loop Simulation for System Tests

Testing is essential to reduce the development risk of UAS. With the Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator (HiL), AlphaLink provides a product that connects standard hardware and software of unmanned aircraft with standardized hardware and software from the automotive industry and manned aviation.

Using Simulink and the CANoe software of Vector Informatik, the aircraft's flight motion is simulated. The CAN bus is used to transmit data to the flight control computer Pixhawk. The FlightStack of the PX4 software is modified in such a way that the CAN database (dbc) allows an exchange between the flight stack and CANoe. Instead of reading in sensor data, the CAN messages are written to the topics. This allows the entire system to be tested on the ground.

The verification of failure cases and an evaluation of the functionality of the software modules is carried out with the HiL, among others. AlphaLink develops the flight dynamic model for your drone and tests your system at your facility. We also offer to configure your HiL simulator customized to your needs together with Vector Informatik.

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