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Control Law Design

Controllers are used to achieve a desired behavior for a system. This can be following of trajectories, tracking of reference values, or stabilizing of a system. Standard controllers are available for many applications. Nevertheless, these controllers are not necessarily optimal in terms of performance and stability. A very high level of robustness typically restricts the potential benefit of intelligent control engineering. This prevents you from getting the best performance out of your system by not exploiting the full potential it actually has. AlphaLink provides a remedy and designs the most suitable controllers for your system. We take into account (official) requirements for robustness and stability and design the controller with the best performance within these given limits. Our controllers can be used for SISO and MIMO applications. Our design methods are tailored to your project. We can also design observers for you to monitor non-measurable states of your system. Our controllers do not only work in simulation, but also in real world applications. We are specialized in controllers for unmanned aircraft, but not limited in this category. According to your needs, we design controllers for your system. We support you in creating the requirements and define the controller structure together. Finally, we test the control system intensively. Following our AlphaLink philosophy, your system does not only achieve a high performance, but is also safe in operation.

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